The President and the Press Missing in Action on Benghazi

President Obama made a campaign stop on Sunday night at the University of Cincinnati Fifth Third Center arena before a very sizable crowd. The line to get into the center began forming early and stretched for many blocks.

The event attendees were met along their route by local liberty group members and veterans speaking out about the unanswered questions from the President and the unasked questions from press relating to the September 11th Benghazi, Libya attacks.

A small group of us remained later in the evening to be provide a visual presence when the President’s motorcade arrived. This was the fourth time he has seen us in Ohio in three days.  Several of us observed an individual in one of the press vans driving by giving us a “thumbs down”.

Shame on him and shame on the media.

This press malfeasance and cover-up will not stand. Whatever the outcome of this election, we must dedicate ourselves to finding “new guards for our future security” in the press and in the media when it comes to holding government accountable.

Many thanks to those who attended these rallies over the past few days. You have helped give a voice to those who can no longer speak for themselves.

Pictures from yesterday’s rally.

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4 responses to “The President and the Press Missing in Action on Benghazi

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  3. I was very happy to take part in yesterdays show of support for media reporting for the truth in Benghazi. Several students walked by and said “thank you”, and “God bless you”. I am hopeful that the truth will come out. I want to thank everyone who participated.

  4. Thank you to everyone who made signs and stood to show BO that we know he is a liar, and that his decisions contributed to the death of four American heroes.

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