The left is kicking our butts in Ohio

You already know about the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on recent infighting in the Ohio Republican Party. This is money that should have gone to fighting the “left,” but now has been wasted by entrenched cronies battling to keep their jobs.

While the “right” in Ohio has been busy defeating itself, the other side has been busy working to defeat the rest of us. You will not believe how far forward they have already come. Ready for a shock?

Check out this link.

This only shows a couple weeks of events in a 100-mile radius of Columbus. Can you believe that? Pages and pages of community organizing – already scheduled!

The left is training scores of people and building an army of volunteers. Yet where are we? What’s our plan? Are we waiting for Fox and Friends to tell us how to save ourselves?

It is time to get in gear.

We held our first Clermont activist training this weekend and talked about an acronym “ICAP.”

IIdentify like-minded voters in your precinct.
CConnect with them using common ground messaging.
AAct in your precinct along with other like-minded people to turn out the maximum vote this fall.
PPreserve the coalition you have built. Use it to stay engaged in future elections, hold government accountable, reform the political parties, register future voters, and raise awareness of the principles of liberty.

Part of the work we need to do involves becoming better communicators. Folks can’t accomplish much by sitting on their couches and shouting at their TV’s. We must connect with each other. One great way to do so is through blogging.

Wednesday, April 25th – 7p.m.
Website / Blogging for Liberty Class
Where: Union Township Civic Center
Cost: Free!
Click to view a sample local blog.

In the first quarter of this year, the Clermont Tea Party website had over 50,000 page views. We are reaching interested people every day on a local level without need of the newspaper, radio, direct mail, or TV. How much does it cost? $0.

Help us grow our blogging community and extend our reach even further. If you are technically savvy enough to send email, you are technically savvy enough to blog.

Help the cause of freedom move forward. Help inform and engage others by spreading the word of freedom online.

See you on Wednesday!

Clermont Tea Party

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” Edmund Burke

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