Romney Rally Outdraws President by a Landslide

With only four days before Election Day, both Presidential campaigns were running hard in the battleground state of Ohio.  Liberty groups across the state helped organize Benghazi Truth Rallies outside of each of President Obama’s campaign stops.

Our goal was to follow the President to each of his stops in Ohio. The President held events in Hilliard, OH, Springfield, OH, and Lima, OH. At the first event in Hilliard, we got some media coverage from Mike Tobin of Fox News.

Nationally syndicated radio host, Rush Limbaugh also mentioned our effort on his radio show after the second event in Springfield. From the Friday show transcript at (link):

RUSH: Ed Henry, Fox News, has tweeted a photograph of some signs along the route in Ohio that Obama took to get to a campaign appearance. The signs say:

“Tell the truth about Benghazi!”

“Worse than Watergate!”

“You let them die!”

I’m sorry, does this stuff happen with winning campaigns? I guess it did. I guess they had some Bush stuff in 2004. I don’t want to make too much of it, but, man, it’s out there. The point is, it is out there. This Benghazi stuff is trickling out.

When the President’s day in Ohio was finished, we made our way to the Romney rally in West Chester, OH. Several speakers at the Romney event mentioned the topic of Benghazi and the need for better answers from the Obama administration about what really happened.

One consequence of attending all these events was a firsthand view of the enormous disparity in crowd sizes between the President’s events and the Romney event. The best attended event for the President (as far as we could tell – see pictures below) was his Lima, OH rally.  Between all three of the President’s events, he had a cumulative attendance of perhaps five thousand or so supporters all day. The Romney rally crowd on Friday night, estimated at around thirty thousand attendees, outdistanced the President’s attendance numbers many, many times over.

Our first stop yesterday was Hilliard, Ohio. At all of the President’s rallies, we set up along his travel route so we would be seen by him and his press entourage.

Hilliard, OH pictures (click to enlarge).

Individual signs at the Hilliard stop.

Our second stop was in Springfield, OH.

The Springfield event had about three people out front rallying in support of the President.

Springfield also turned out a PETA supporter. With all the issues facing our country; 23 million unemployed or underemployed, the unwanted government takeover of healthcare, high energy prices, high food prices, crushing debt, more than a trillion dollars a year in deficits, stifling regulations, foreign policy disasters, etc., etc., the left still has time for this?

Our third stop of the day was, Lima, OH. Here is the only location we saw any evidence of Obama supporters forming a crowd or a line for an event.

There was some confusion as to where the President’s entourage and the press would drive by us on their way to the Lima event. As a result, we ended up getting spread out along a longer route. The press ultimately went a different way than we did, but we were perfectly situated to be seen by the President and his motorcade.

Individual Lima, OH pictures.

There were so few Obama supporters at even this event, we observed only one campaign vendor (the first and only one we saw all day). This is worth noting because usually these guys are everywhere at such events. One measure of voter enthusiasm might be how much of which candidate’s stuff sells the most?

Our fourth stop of the day was the Romney Ryan rally in West Chester, OH.

Here is a small part of the line waiting to get into the event (Panorama – click to view).

Line looking right.

Line looking left.

Inside the Romney Ryan rally (click to view).

This picture was sent to me early this morning via email. It appears to have been taken from the rear of the stage. This is opposite the pictures taken above.

Here is a terrific panorama from facing east toward the stage.


A display mentioning, “You did build that”.

This final picture was provided courtesy of

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10 responses to “Romney Rally Outdraws President by a Landslide

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  3. This is a amazing blog site packed with a good deal of knowledge. The following article is my favorite.

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  5. Madeline M. Wood

    I had hoped to get to the Cincinnati event but was committed to registering and promoting a Walk for Hunduras at our church. I did wear red though in case I could have been relieved earlier. Not so.

    I’m proud of all who went and the Tea Party.
    Pray for Romney everyday.

  6. Jack Chrisman

    Got to the rally friday at 4pm. Signed the save the coal petition and got in line. Got into the rally area about 5:30 I couldn’t believe the turn out. The young people, the kids holding signs. Everyone was in a winning mood and we all had a great time. Kidd Rock was great and so was the weather. I took my neighbor and he had a good time, it was his first rally, so I made sure to take him to see a winning candidate, Mitt Romney. Wow that Ann Romney is hot, she will be a great first lady. We can all get to bed early tuesday night it will be all over by 10 pm…..

  7. Barbara Sponaugle

    Thanks to all the Ohio Patriots following Obama’s tour for the Benghazi effort.

    My husband and I were at the Romney event in West Chester – the crowd was amazing,cheerful, orderly despite waiting up to 3 hours to get through security. No matter where one had to be standing in the over flow crowd area, all was seen and heard from the huge tv screen. The number of children there was inspiring – parents get it!

    Unfortunately thousands of people left starting about six o’clock because of the huge turnout. It was cold and a great distance to walk and a long time to stand for us old people but we felt privileged to be there. Pray for a successful Romney,Ryan victory.

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  9. Caution my friend……just the opposite occurs in Cleveland

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