Medicaid Expansion – True Danger for State Governor’s

Republican GovernorsRick Scott of Florida, Jan Brewer of Arizona and John Kasich of Ohio are all Republican Governor’s taking the Federal bait of “free money” to expand Medicaid in their states.  Truly bad decisions as there is no “free money” and can we really trust the Federal Government?  Ah, the Federal Government would never break any of its promises…

Read more at American Spectator, Rick Scott is Wrong.

One response to “Medicaid Expansion – True Danger for State Governor’s

  1. We are constantly fighting issues by the dozens but I believe it is time to come up with some strategic plans. We precinct reps need a list of strong and tested talking points to use as we contact our neighbors for the elections in 2014 and 2016 (yes the dems are already fighting for 2016). This list should be something that is a foundation for our conservative leaders and candidates to use for talking points as well. Then we will all speak from the same page, which is sorely needed. Dems do that already and defend their message to the death. I think, and I need help, that we should list things that resonate among us common folk, such as loss of $3500 take home pay over the last year, skyrocketing insurance costs, skyrocking gasoline and other energy costs, skyrocketing food costs, threats of running out of food, threats of taking away our guns…… etc. This talking point list should be spread through out the state by the liberty parties once a list is developed. If this sounds like something we should get to work on right away, while fighting issues, let me hear it. Point to how we can do this.

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