Going Squish

unclesamLast night at the Lincoln Day dinner for the Clermont GOP, both Brad Wenstrup and Jim Jordan gave rather rousing, feel good speeches. Great. But to what end?

Much to my wife’s chagrin, I challenged both on Obamacare, and how to de-fund it. And, I was not sufficiently tactful (subservient). But the fact is, that neither of them is going to use the March fight on the Continuing Resolution to de-fund Obamacare. Not even at the margins, where a few amendments could stall, or even stop, a few parts of it. Medicare expansion, anyone?

These guys are supposed to be conservative leaders. As the head of the RSC, and the only guy to produce an actual balanced budget, I thought that Jordan was an icon.

But two days of Red State articles, and a few minutes of animated conversation has certainly disabused me of that notion.

If you are expecting big things out of this congress, think again. Ain’t Happening.

Read the Red State article Here. It will help you understand this rant a little better.

One response to “Going Squish

  1. The Democrat tone has shifted from Sequester as the end of the known world to Sequester as bad policy that will hurt everyone. Republicvans have shifted to Sequester as a meat axe that does not discriminate. The fools in both parties have hit on the answer by accident but don’t know it. Percentage cuts across the board. The moment Republicans are given a choice they will advance their “pet” spending program and their “pet” tax exemptions regardless of constitutionality. This is like deciding to get off drugs by cutting crack while increasing consumption of heroin. This is what politicians of both parties do for a living. Cut ALL programs by 5% this year, 10% next year. Cut actual spending not proposed future spending.

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