Democrat Early Voting Rally a Dud – Pictures

After all the media hype about Democrat “Sleep Out the Vote” rallies to drum up support for early voting in Ohio, the effort in Hamilton county, a bellwether county for the 2012 election, was largely a dud.

I showed up early (around 7:30a.m) and took these pictures of the front of the Hamilton County Board of Elections before the voting started.

The pictures reveal a sparse crowd.  The crowd even gets smaller when you account for the conservatives who are mingled into it. At least one of the folks on the right below is such a supporter. Note, he is wearing an orange Tom Bryan t-shirt. Tom Bryan is the Republican candidate for Ohio’s 33rd State House District (link) (click to enlarge).

Republicans gathered at the Hamilton County GOP Headquarters to kick of their push for early voting as well (though without all the hype).

Some of those speaking at the Republican gathering were Cincinnati Tea Party founder and now candidate for Ohio’s 28th Statehouse District, Mike Wilson (link) (center):

Current Cincinnati Tea Party President George Brunneman also spoke about a return to “…government of the people, by the people, for the people” (center):

Visitor K. Carl Smith from Frederick Douglas Republicans also offered some words of inspiration. He noted, “This election is key. We will decide if we  are going down a road of transforming our nation into a European socialist country, or are we going to give this nation back to the principles of the founding fathers.”

K. Carl Smith is also known nationally as “The Conservative Messenger“. Here is a terrific video from him about the importance of remembering the historic life of Frederick Douglass:

One final picture of the “rally” line an hour or so after the voting started:

Don’t believe the polls. Don’t believe the media hype. Take responsibility for seeing the truth with your own eyes.

Learn three easy ways you can make a difference in the final weeks of this election – here.  Also, please share this story via the social media buttons below. Your spreading the word helps us outrun the liberal media.

6 responses to “Democrat Early Voting Rally a Dud – Pictures

  1. I personally ponder exactly why you branded this specific article,
    “Democrat Early Voting Rally a Dud – Pictures | Clermont
    Tea Party”. In any event I really admired it!Many thanks-Nora

  2. Frodo, “I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish that none of this had happened.”

    Gandalf, “So do all who live to see such times. But, that is not for you to decide. All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you.”

    Will people be able to answer they did all they could do to defend freedom? No cavalry is coming. It is up to us.

  3. Barbara Sponaugle

    Thank you for the pictures and commentary.Victory goes to those who show up to volunteer.
    Even shut-ins can help by calling, emailing acquaintances.

    “The board is set, the pieces are now in motion, at last we come to it – the great battle of our age.” – Tolkien

    Are you in the game? Help in any way you can! Action rules!

  4. Lest we not become complacent. For all their lackluster attitudes, we have to be their polar opposites and get the vote out of all the people who want to see our nation restored to its patriotic roots.

  5. Charlie Gast

    I met K.Carl at the opening of Runaway Slave. He is an amazing man and a true patriot. Runaway Slave is playing through Wednesday evening at AMC 20 theater Newport on the Levee. It is a must see. I also ordered his book and the companion booklet at This is the wooden stake to the heart of the vampire of modern day democrat slavery and a huge step to healing racial division in this country!

  6. margaret huddleston

    Thank you K. Carl Smith for such an enlightening video about the Republican and
    Democratic parties. Found it very interesting, and will be forwarding to several voters that need to know this information. Thanks again, Maggie

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