Congress Must Unfund Obamacare in Upcoming Continuing Resolution

TelephoneCongress needs to show the courage to not fund the continued unpopular Obamacare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution vote.  This is the last chance to stop this bad legislation.  Contact your Republican Congressman and demand the same.

Read more at Red State – Erick Erickson.

One response to “Congress Must Unfund Obamacare in Upcoming Continuing Resolution

  1. Carole Kelly

    I want Obama’s health care unfunded for many reasons but a few are that it’s to expensive and going to cost much more. I don’t think the government has any idea how health insurance should be run and do not like how easy it will be for him to change it to a single payer insurance nor how they can and will decide what kind of insurance each person should have according to all the information they keep on everything we do and don’t do. I plain don’t one a one man ruler and his rich minions deciding for us.

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