Beating the Horse, once more

Occam's RazorYes, after last night’s rant, I know that I am pushing the envelope. If I have gone too far, I am sure that you will let me know – or that I will be asked to quit posting.

But. for me, this is an absolutely crucial time, and we need our Representatives to stand up and be counted, not to lay down and be rolled over. The Vote on the Continuing Resolution that will, quite literally determine the fate of the country occurs next week.

If Obamacare (PPCA) stands in full, we are sunk. This odious act takes full effect in January, 2014. Realistically, there is no way for the Republicans to repeal it, or even de-fund it all, short of a complete government shut down (which, in my mind would not be a bad thing). But there are a number of key provisions such as Medicaid expansion. the funding of 1,600 IRS agents. the funding of the IPAB (death panel). etc. that can be shoved into amendments to the CR on a take it or leave it basis. Would there be a bunch of wailing and finger pointing? Yes. Would Republicans be blamed? Yes.  If all of that resulted in an impasse that caused a shutdown, would anybody other than Politicians and government employees care?

But what is your point? Republicans, and more pointedly, the Tea Party is going to be blamed for everything that the administration perceives has gone wrong – whether true or not.

So, get ready for it and demand what is good for the country. Put on your big boy pants, because you will need them until the next election, when we will stand with you, if you do the right thing.

See the Red State article that helped drive this post here, and then contact Brad Wenstrup at , Jim Jordan at and Rob Portman at www.portman/

Nuff Said.

3 responses to “Beating the Horse, once more

  1. Thanks. Except that I am not Ted.

  2. Ted, you were spot on with every word. Our anger, our emotions and our energy must get focused on results. It is time to get moving.

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