December 1st: Sixth Anniversary Meeting

Sixth AnniversaryOn December 1st we will be holding our Sixth Anniversary Clermont Tea Party Meeting, 7PM at the Holiday Inn Eastgate, 4501 Eastgate Blvd., Cincinnati, OH 45245.

I will be speaking about some of our prior accomplishments as well as looking foward to the future.

In my mind, there are two very important paths the citizens must take from here to reclaim our country and begin steering it in a better direction.

These are,

  1. Taking back the parties through the central committee process.
  2. Expanding the use of individual free speech.

In 2014, Congress had an approval rating of 13%, yet that same year, over 96% of incumbents were reelected. This is the case because the people have allowed establishment insiders to co-opt and control the candidate selection process.

In October, I published a book about how the citizens can reverse the status-quo and reclaim control of selecting their representatives. The book is called,

“RIGGED How the Establishment Controls Elections and How the Citizens Can Take Them Back”

I will be discussing the book at the meeting as well as the role of individual free speech in restoring health to our political system.

I look forward to seeing you there, and please bring a friend!

In Liberty,

Ted Stevenot
Clermont Tea Party

Action Needed on Three Bills Expanding Freedom

Three bills in Columbus need your attention this week.

Right to Work in Ohio – Action Needed now

Right to Work, the ability of a worker to choose to be a member in a Union, is gaining momentum in Ohio. Tell your House member that you support House Bill 377, Right to Work.

Ohio General Assembly Score Card – Ohio Liberty Index

How does your State Rep do when voting on bills that protect Liberty? Learn on the Ohio Liberty Index.

Expand the Second Amendment in Ohio

Support the expansion of concealed carry in Ohio by asking your member of the Ohio Senate to support Sub House bill 48.

Common Core has got to go

Contact your Representative in the Ohio House and tell them you support House Bill 212, Local Control in Education.

Court: Ohioans Have Right to Criticize the Performance of Public Officials

DuctTape_5318668_sMaple Heights Mayor sued to silence local bloggers for “defamation” and “emotional distress,” and violated their right to free speech in doing so Columbus, OH – An Ohio Court late Friday dismissed the case of a Cleveland-area Mayor who sued a local family for “an amount in excess of $25,000” after they questioned his job performance on their blog. The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law’s victory on behalf of Bill and Lynde Brownlee, husband and […]

Ohio House Education committee starts hearings on Common Core – HB212

imagesAnti-Common Core Friends, If there is anyway you can make it to Columbus on Tuesday 11-17-2015 for the Ohio House Education Committee’s hearing on HB212 (Representative Andy Thompson) please make it a priority.  The hearing is at 9:30am in the statehouse.  Even if there are aspects of the bill you disagree with this is the time to let the legislature know you are paying attention! If you cannot attend, please call your state representative and […]

Return Local Control to Education – Help needed Tuesday

Liberty events this week. Come to Columbus this Tuesday to support House Bill 212 to return local control in education.