April 2014 Meeting Follow-Up

April_4_Meeting_1May 6th is the Ohio Primary election. Participating in the primary and encouraging others to do so is absolutely essential for talking our country back. 

One easy way to really help a candidate or cause that you support is to “share” their information on Facebook and through email. Note these sample “share” buttons (located on the bottom of most web pages):


Your goal should be to see the number of shares for the causes and candidates you support to SKYROCKET this month.  Between now and May 6th click and share information from people you support at least once a day (if not more than that).

Other follow-up information from the April meeting:

1) Two organizations supporting liberty-candidates this primary are (links) Ohio Citizens PAC and Clermont Liberty PAC.  Volunteer, donate, SHARE!

2) Plan to attend the Ohioans Against Common Core, “Bring Your Legislator to Class Day,” April 9 in Columbus – learn more, register.

3) Be sure to register for the Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day Rally -, Tuesday, April 15, 7p.m., at the Holiday Inn Eastgate – get tickets, learn more.

4) View the new Common Core movie in its entirety at this link:

5) Two new books are out (Amazon links): Ted and John Stevenot’s, “Organizing for Liberty


Harald Zieger’s, “Freedom’s Nightmare.”

Questions about voting? Visit the Clermont Board of Elections website.  Request / apply for an absentee ballot at this link.

In Liberty,

Ted Stevenot
Clermont Tea Party

“All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing,” Edmund Burke

Big Macs, Late Night Movies Readily Available; Health Insurance Is Not

images-1It may be hard for some Americans to wrap their minds around it.  I’m talking about those of us who appreciate the convenience and the myriad of choices available to consumers in a free market economy.  But, in a country where you can buy a Big Mac 24 hours a day and download a movie off Netflix at 2 A.M., you cannot buy health insurance for the next eight months — an odd conundrum  to […] Continue reading

When It Comes to Obamacare Social Policy Trumps Health Care & Constitutional Rights

hobbylobby-300x195Obamacare is not as much about health care policy as it is about social policy.  The massive wealth redistribution accomplished through the ACA’s many taxes, fees, fines, subsidies, and tax credits which reward some while punishing others is just one example of this point.  Another example is the requirement for businesses to offer contraception and abortion-inducing drugs through employer sponsored health insurance plans regardless of the religious beliefs of the employer. The Weekly Standard reveals […]

Total Control – Of You And Me

If you ever doubted that the growth of government is resulting in the eventual control of all of us, in every phase of our lives, you misunderstand the role of the regulations promulgated by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats that happens every day.

I encourage you to read an article from the Heritage Foundation that explains the situation here. Read it and come back, please.

If you are now scratching your head, and wondering how this can be, you are going to be surprised at the answer. It is actually rather simple. Congress has totally abdicated responsibility from actually doing their job. Because it really is their job to pass any new laws. But, that requires real work, which most Congressmen have not wanted to do for decades. They issue broad, vague, and unreadable laws, and leave it up to the individual government departments to write the rules that actually govern us.

Hence, we wind up with the entire alphabet soup of mostly unconstitutional agencies that function like our lords and masters. This is exactly what communism looked like in the Soviet Union, and looks like in China today.

Think about this long and hard before you vote.

Spring and Liberty are in the air!

No matter where you are in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky, there is a meeting for you! Spring has sprung, lets get out there and spread the message of Liberty! Kenton County Tea Party When:  Tuesday, April 1st, 7 to … Continue reading

Bring Your Legislator To Class Day

Bring-your-legislator-to-class-dayCOMMON CORE FORUM Bring Your Legislator to Class Day Common Core 101 Wednesday – APRIL 9th – 6:00 to 9:00 pm Capitol Theatre – 77 S. High Street - Directions  Common Core is a fundamental change in education for every child in Ohio, yet it was never put through the legislative process. Why are legislators refusing […] Continue reading

April 2014 Monthly Meeting

March_4_MeetingThe April meeting of the Clermont Tea Party is Tuesday, April 1, at the Holiday Inn Eastgate, 7:00pm.

Our guest speakers will be:

  • Stuart Kennedy from the Clermont Liberty PAC to talk about the recent release of the PAC’s 2014 Newsletter (link).
  • County Commissioner David Uible to talk about the current state of Clermont County’s finances.
  • Ted Stevenot will also be speaking on the importance of the upcoming primaries – and how you can help.

Please come, and bring a friend or two.

Also, please plan to attend;

The Cincinnati Tea Party, 2014 Tax Day Rally
Tuesday, April 15th, 7pm,
Where: Holiday Inn Eastgate
Guest Speakers: Mike Wilson, Chris Littleton, Ted Stevenot, and Doc Thompson from The Blaze Radio. See a sneak preview of Atlas Shrugged 3 presented by one of the cast members, Rusty Baker.
Tickets are $10 each.
Learn more / register here.

Note: the Calendar on our website has been updated accordingly.

MedicaidExpansion is Conservative???

Don’t Laugh. Governor Kasich has been on Fox News three times lately. His current spiel is that the Medicaid expansion in Ohio is somehow conservative. Only in his twisted, warped mind.

And, he manages to tell a number of outright lies in getting to his fraudulent position. Red State has a good article on it here, which was crossposted in Media Trackers. I encourage you to read it.

FreedomWorks Endorses Matt Lynch over Republican Incumbent Dave Joyce

endorsementThe room was full of northeast Ohio tea party members when Adam Brandon, Executive Director of FreedomWorks for America, announced the endorsement of Matt Lynch for U.S. Congress in Ohio’s 14th district.  Lynch will face-off against incumbent Republican Representative Dave Joyce in the May 6th primary. Supporters cheered and waved signs when the endorsement was announced making it clear that Matt Lynch has considerable grassroots backing which, if translated into a strong ground game, may mean […] Continue reading